Renee Landers

Suffolk University Law School was the first law school in Massachusetts to establish a concentration in Health and Biomedical Law, offering both day and evening division students the opportunity to distinguish academically themselves in this challenging, rapidly expanding and fast-paced field.

The Health and Biomedical Law concentration complements Boston's rich health care environment. Boston is a national leader in medical care, health policy and law. It also has leading teaching hospitals, biomedical companies, and private and hospital-based research facilities in life sciences. The Health and Biomedical Law concentration builds upon this wealth of health and biomedical activity.

Appealing to Many Interests

The Health and Biomedical Law concentration is designed to appeal to students with a broad variety of experiences. Students with no prior health care background may enroll and develop new areas of expertise for use upon graduation. Other health law students, especially those students enrolled part-time in the evening division, are often physicians, nurses, social workers, hospital administrators, emergency medical technicians, and clinical researchers who wish to expand upon their existing skills and knowledge in the legal arena. Still other students with backgrounds in insurance, information technology, biotechnology and related fields choose to enroll in the Health and Biomedical Law concentration as it allows them to build upon their experience and open new career opportunities. Regardless of where they begin, students enrolled in Health and Biomedical Law will develop an extensive understanding of the growing role of the law and lawyers in the ever-changing landscape of health care and biomedicine.  In addition to the course and co-curricular activities, the Health and Medical Law Society offers the opportunity to engage with professionals in the field.

Course of Study

Students entering the concentration are encouraged to design a program of study specific to their interests within the health and biomedical law field which will allow them to distinguish themselves in this challenging and evolving field of law.