What is the Accelerated JD Program?

The Accelerated JD Program enables students to complete the entire course of study for the juris doctor degree in two years as a full-time student or three years as a part-time evening student. It has the same requirements as our traditional full-time and part-time programs, but in a shorter time frame.

How do I apply?

Accelerated JD students have the same requirements and follow the same steps as traditional JD applicants. Complete Suffolk Law's Fall 2018 application online at LSAC.org and select “Accelerated JD” under the degree program option. You also must submit a second essay describing why you want to join the accelerated JD program.

Who is eligible to apply?

All JD-eligible applicants can apply, so long as their bachelor’s degree is earned before classes start in May. The accelerated JD is a rigorous and competitive program, designed for self-motivated, organizedand diligent students. Applicants should demonstrate these traits in their application.

How much does it cost?

Accelerated students will be charged the same per-semester tuition as traditional law students for each  semester they are in the accelerated program, including summers. This means accelerated students earning a JD in six semesters over two years will pay the same total tuition as traditional students earning a JD in six semesters over three years. Students who complete the degree in less time will, of course, have lower cost living expenses during their time in law school with the ability to enter the workforce a year sooner.

Can I get merit aid?

Yes. Applicants to the Accelerated JD Program are eligible for financial aid and merit scholarships to the same extent as applicants to the traditional full-time and part-time programs. All admitted students are considered for merit-based scholarships based on their LSAT and undergraduate GPA.

Can I apply to the Accelerated JD Program and the traditional JD program?

No. You must select only one program on the application. However, if you change your mind after you are accepted (and before the summer session begins), you can request a change to the traditional JD program. If you are not accepted to the accelerated program, you will automatically be considered for the traditional JD program.

Can I earn a dual degree and participate in the accelerated JD program?

No. You cannot earn two degrees in two years as a full-time student or three years as a a part-time student.

I have already applied. Can I switch my application to the accelerated JD program?

Yes. Contact the Office of Law Admission to update your application. You also will need to submit an additional personal statement describing why you want to participate in the accelerated program.

When will classes begin for the accelerated program?

May 21, 2018. Summer accelerated classes will end on Aug. 9, with exams Aug. 13-16. 

What is the class schedule for Summer 2018?

Classes for accelerated students during the summer 2018 will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-9:35 p.m.

If I cannot start classes in May, can I take part in the accelerated JD program?

No. Students must start in May and take classes during both the first and second summers to complete enough credits to graduate in either two years (as a full-time student) or three years (as a part-time evening student). 

Can I opt out if I change my mind?

Yes. Students who start in the summer accelerated program may later decide to complete their degree in 2.5, 3, 3.5, or 4 years instead. The early start and summer session simply offer added flexibility.

If I am not accepted to the accelerated program, can I be considered for the traditional JD program?

Yes. Applicants not accepted in the accelerated program will automatically be considered for the traditional three-year or four-year program.

Is there a summer health insurance plan?

Yes. State law requires all students without a qualifying health insurance plan to participate in the Suffolk University Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have alternate health insurance, then you must complete a waiver. All accelerated students who do not complete the waiver will be automatically enrolled in Suffolk's summer health insurance plan and charged the policy premium. The waiver is available from the Office of Law Admission. You must complete the waiver by May 17. More info from Suffolk's Counseling, Health & Wellness Office.

Will I need to waive health insurance again in the fall?

Yes. Accelerated students who waive Suffolk's health insurance plan that covers the summer months will need to complete another waiver in the fall to opt out of Suffolk's full-year health insurance plan. Accelerated students who do not complete the online waiver in the fall will be automatically enrolled in Suffolk’s full-year health insurance plan and will be charged the premium. For more information, and to find the fall 2018 waiver, visit suffolk.edu/healthrequirements

Will I be able to join a clinic during my second year (full-time) or third year (part-time evening)?

Yes, as long as you meet the clinical eligibility requirements.

Will I be able to participate in OCI (On-Campus Interviewing)?


Will I be able to join Law Review, Moot Court, Trial Team, the Student Bar Association and other student groups?


Will I be able to seek a job, externship or internship during the second summer?

Yes. All accelerated summer classes are offered in the evening only.

How will accelerated students be ranked?

Students are ranked at the end of the first spring semester with the rest of the incoming class. All courses taken during the 0L summer session through the 1L spring semester would be counted in first year GPA, class rank, and academic standing GPA.

Is there a minimum number of students who must enroll for the Accelerated Program to start in May 2018?

While this program is fully expected to launch in May 2018 because of the overwhelming interest already, there is a minimum number of students who must enroll in summer classes. If the Accelerated JD does not enroll enough students to fill the summer session beginning in May 2018, then the program would be postponed until 2019. Students who had enrolled for May 2018 would be given the option to switch to the traditional JD program, defer until May 2019, or have their deposit refunded.

What are the advantages of the accelerated JD program?

Students can earn their law degree in a shorter time period, enabling them to enter the job market a year earlier than students who pursue a traditional three-year JD. As a result, the length of time they spend as a full-time student with limited earning power is substantially reduced.