• What is the first-year part-time schedule?

    First year evening classes are three nights per week. Classes begin at 6 p.m.

  • How long does the Evening Division take to complete?

    Students in the traditional evening program earn a JD in four years (with no classes in the summer). Students in the Accelerated JD evening program earn a JD in three years (including summers). 

  • Will I receive the same degree as a day student?

    Yes, your JD will be the same as a student from the Day Division.

  • Are the professors who teach evening classes the same as those that teach day classes?

    Yes, full-time faculty rotate and teach both day and evening classes.

  • Can evening students participate in journals, moot court and clinics?

    Yes, journals, moot court and clinics are open to all Suffolk students. However, many clinics require availability during regular court hours.

  • How many students are in the Evening Division?

    The fall 2017 incoming class had 88 evening students.

  • Can I apply to both the Day and Evening Division?

    No, applicants must choose to apply to the Day or the Evening Division.

  • Are there different admission standards for the Evening Division?

    No, Suffolk’s admission standards are the same for the Day and Evening divisions.

  • Is it possible to switch from the Evening Division to the Day Division?

    It is possible, but not guaranteed. We recommend applying to the Division you intend to graduate from.

  • Can I earn a dual degree in the evening program?

    Yes, dual degree programs are open the evening students. However, evening students cannot pursue a dual degree and graduate in three years through either the Accelerated JD Program, the three-year accelerated JD/MBA or the three-year accelerated JD/LLM in Taxation.

  • What is the average age of an evening student?

    30 years old.