Naming Suffolk Law in your will is a way of ensuring that your generous support for the University continues long after your lifetime. In addition to bequests, several planned giving vehicles enable you to generously provide for Suffolk while also accomplishing important personal and financial goals for yourself and your family.

Planned giving options such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable annuities, and pooled income funds provide deferred funds for Suffolk University’s Law School long-term needs, while also offering income and tax advantages to the donor during his or her lifetime. In a typical planned gift, donors transfer assets to Suffolk Law (in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other assets); they and/or their beneficiaries receive income payments for life or a period of years as well as charitable income and other tax benefits.

Alumni and friends who honor Suffolk University and Suffolk Law School in their wills and trusts, make life income agreements, or name Suffolk Law as an irrevocable beneficiary of life insurance policies or retirement plan assets qualify for membership in the Frost Society, which honors and thanks those who reach beyond their own lives to assure the gift of educational opportunity to future generations of Suffolk Law students. 

For more information about bequests and about the planned giving vehicles Suffolk offers, or to discuss whether a planned gift is right for you, please contact Annamaria Mueller at