We need your help identifying the next Law School representative to the University’s Board of Trustees. The Alumni-Trustee Committee is now seeking nominations for the position of Alumni-Trustee. As a Suffolk University Law School alumnus, your input can make a huge impact on your school.

There are three Alumni-Trustees, one for each of Suffolk University's three schools and its respective graduates.  Each Alumni-Trustee serves a three-year term.   All alumni of the Law School are eligible to nominate themselves or another graduate.

Responsibilities of Alumni-Trustees include:

• Attend and participate in Trustee board meetings
• Contribute to the Annual Fund at the Trustee level
• Serve as an active liaison between the Board of Trustees and their Alumni Board to facilitate communications between the boards
• Participate in meetings of their school based alumni board
• Provide reports to the Board of Trustees pertaining to Alumni Board meetings and activities
• Serve as members of Trustee committees as selected
• Seek to serve on Trustee committees focused on alumni and development matters

Nominations are being accepted now until February 7, 2014. If you wish to nominate yourself or another graduate please submit your name, along with your resume, class year, home and business addresses, telephone numbers, email address, and a brief statement describing why you would like to serve in this position to:

Suffolk University Law School, Alumni-Trustee Committee
Office of Alumni Engagement
73 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108
or you may email your nomination to: Annamaria Mueller, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at amueller@suffolk.edu.