Suffolk Law's Transnational Law Review hosted European Union Parliament member Claude Moraes as part of its annual symposium. This year's topic was U.S. mass surveillance on foreign aliens. 

Entitled "Target Acquired? U.S. Foreign Surveillance, Civil Liberties and Data Privacy in the Wake of the Snowden Leaks,"the symposium was a "thoughtful and lively contribution to the ongoing national discussion of this issue," said Editor in Chief Matthew P. Landry.

The event featured a presentation by Moraes, who is head of the EU’s investigation into the Snowden matter and will be traveling from London to present his views on steps that his committee has proposed — and which the Parliament has adopted — regarding civil liberties and data privacy in the EU, in response to Snowden’s allegations. He also discussed the European Court of Justice’s recent decision that may dramatically affect EU-U.S. national security data sharing agreements.

Other presenters included Professor Peter Margulies of Roger Williams University School of Law, Professor Nathan Sales of George Mason University School of Law, and Professor Andrea Matwyshyn of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Al RobertsThe panel, moderated by Suffolk Law Professor of Law Alasdair Roberts, discussed how U.S. mass surveillance programs have changed the legal and political landscape, and what policy options may best address the competing issues of civil liberties, national security and data privacy.