While at Suffolk Law

Calliope Sudborough JD’07

Deputy Manager of Dispute Resolution Services, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris, France

Callie Sudborough has always possessed the soul of an expatriate. As a child, she frequently traveled overseas with her Greek mother and American father. While in school, she took easily to new languages, eventually learning four in addition to English: Greek, French, Spanish and Italian.

“I always wanted to work in an international environmental and have cross-cultural experiences,” she says.

After studying international relations in college, Callie discovered her future job in her second year during an International Transactions Class.

Professor Gibson invited in a speaker from the ICC who is a Suffolk Law grad. She spoke about the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), and when I heard about it, I said that’s what I want,” Callie says.

After class, she approached the speaker, Lorraine Brennan JD’84, about job opportunities overseas. Ultimately, Lorraine helped her get an internship for the President of the Court of Arbitration. “And to this day, we work together on several projects.”

Callie now works at the ICC in Paris, where she administers international commercial disputes through mediation and sometimes arbitration.

“The best part of my job is just being in an international environment,” she says. “I enjoy learning from everyone’s different cultural practices. I smile a lot at the office.”