Career Highlights

  • Boston Bar Association’s 2008 Distinguished Public Servant Award
  • Candidate for Mayor of Boston
  • Boston City Councilor (elected 1994-2002)
  • Trial Attorney, Boyle, Shaughnessey & Campo

Dan Conley, JD 83

District Attorney, Suffolk County (Massachusetts)

As the eldest of seven children and grandchild to immigrants, Daniel Conley was attracted to Suffolk Law School by the vision of its founder, Gleason Archer.

"He founded the school for the children of the immigrant and the working person—and that really was my history," Conley says.

During law school, Conley worked with victims of domestic violence in the Suffolk University Legal Assistance Bureau because, he said, "I liked the role of being an advocate for the person who has been victimized, taken advantage of." However, it was as a prosecutor that he found his place.

"A prosecutor has a lot of power in our system and has to exercise it with tremendous justice, care, and discretion. It’s important that when a mistake is made, we acknowledge that it’s happened and then take steps to correct it."

Conley has been a national leader in identifying and correcting wrongful convictions, for which he was honored with the Boston Bar Association’s Distinguished Public Servant Award in 2008.

In 2004, he convened a Task Force of police, prosecutors, defenders and academics to review the collection and use of eyewitness identification in Boston and Suffolk County. The resulting reforms, changing the way witnesses are shown photos and line-ups of suspects, have been adopted by other jurisdictions and recognized for putting Boston at the forefront of national reform.