Associate Dean of Intellectual Life

  • AB, Dartmouth College
  • JD, PhD, Harvard University

Patrick Shin says his favorite part of employment law is where theory and practice meet—where the real world intersects with the philosophy of equality.

“Issues surrounding how race, gender, religion, and disability affect employment opportunities in our society can be uncomfortable to think and talk about,” he says. “Employment Discrimination Law provides a window on how our society has decided to approach these problems.”

For example, Professor Shin says, one day a class may start by parsing the blackletter of Title VII, “but the discussion will often find its way to the fundamental questions about the concept of equality.”

After law school, Professor Shin clerked in the U.S. District Court (D.Mass.) and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and was a litigation associate at Hale and Dorr in Boston. He earned his PhD in philosophy before joining the faculty at Suffolk.

“Many law students have never really given deep thought to these problems before. It’s exciting for me to help students work through these issues and develop their own views in a disciplined way.”