• BA, Boston College
  • JD, Boston University

An Unmet Need

“There is such a need for family law lawyers in Massachusetts; the number of people representing themselves in probate court just keeps going up. Our referrals come from all over — the Women’s Bar Foundation, Greater Boston Legal Services, the court system itself, and HarborCOV, a social services agency for survivors of domestic violence. Then there are people who call or email directly. We have to turn a lot of people away.”

The Practice of Law

“We get students up and running — we get them to a place where they’ve mooted everything, done drafts of everything. They’re going in ready. But the hard work is getting them confident enough to deal with what they won’t be ready for. You have to help them understand that they won’t have all the answers—that they’ll need to roll with it and figure out Plan B. That can be very hard. You’ve done two years of law school where you believe facts are set. But what you see in real practice is that facts are not set; they’re changing daily. The law is much more certain than the facts are.”

The Making of a Lawyer

“When I think about my aspirations for students, one thing I emphasize is being kind — to yourself and to others. That’s an important principle, and we lose track of it, given the nature of litigation. But it shouldn’t just be about winning; it should be about fairness.”