National media turn to Suffolk Law experts for Tsarnaev trial analysis

Suffolk Law Professors Rosanna Cavallaro, Chris Dearborn, and Stephanie Roberts Hartung are in the national media spotlight assessing the Tsarnaev marathon bombing trial strategy. Cavallaro was interviewed by the New York Times, NPR, USA Today, and in a Q&A in the Metro. Dearborn talked to Associated Press, Huffington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor, and Hartung was interviewed by Bloomberg Radio.  

Among other questions, Bloomberg asked Hartung whether Tsarnaev's flat affect inside the courtroom would make it that much harder for the defense to humanize him for the jury.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, Cavallaro told the Metro that there were some surprises in the guilty verdict. "The surprise, if any, is in respect to some of the charges that came back guilty, such as the shooting of [MBTA Transit Police Officer Dic Donohue]. The defense highlighted in their motion that there was no evidence that the shooting was carried out by Tsarnaev – that it may have been friendly fire. But the jury didn’t hesitate.”

“In some ways, the defense has a slight advantage in the penalty phase," Cavallaro told USA Today. "The focus shifts to him… and (his) relationship with his brother, all new information, whereas the prosecution must necessarily repeat some of its evidence.”

Dearborn told the Christian Science Monitor that the defense team was "fairly successful at laying the groundwork for their sentencing phase arguments during the first phase of the trial."

Tsarnaev, 21, was found guilty on 30 counts.