Suffolk Law adjunct professor Sally R. Gaglini JD’87 will be reading from and discussing her new book Young Performers at Work: Child Star Survival Guide in the law school’s faculty dining room on Wednesday, September 9, from 5:30-7:30.

Gaglini is the founder of the Gaglini Law Group LLC and teaches entertainment law at the Law School. In the book’s introduction (click “look inside” above the book’s cover image), Gaglini says she came to “a startling discovery” in her early years as an attorney. “Although the array of legal protections afforded to children involved in traditional family law disputes stacked up pretty nicely, when it came to guarding talented working kids from exploitation, protections were frustratingly harder to find—if they existed at all.”

Her book was designed for parents of young talent navigating the rights, responsibilities, rewards and risks of the entertainment industry. Just one example Gaglini offers in a recent blog is signing away 25 percent of a young performer’s earnings when the standard in the industry is 15 percent.

Gaglini has spent more than twenty-five years advising talented young artists and their families as well as companies working with young talent and promoting their artistry. Her specialized expertise began with her involvement with emerging boy bands like New Kids on the Block as they established their music careers.

To help protect the rights of child performers, she proposed and authored, with lawmakers, the inaugural child performer law in Massachusetts. Drawing on her industry knowledge, including experience with families as a courtroom advocate, court-appointed fiduciary, and guardian ad litem, Gaglini's practice blends entertainment and advertising industry law with family and probate law. She was honored as one of the "Top Women of Law" in 2014 by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.