Suffolk Law’s Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation (LPTI) and the Suffolk Law Accelerator have both been nominated for the ABA’s Louis M. Brown Award, an honor for innovation in the delivery of legal service. We hope you’ll cast a vote by Friday, January 8, at 1 p.m., in support of our new approaches—from the Accelerator's efficient intake app to an interactive legal parenting plan document for pro se litigants.

The Accelerator prepares students to create or enter solo or small private practices capable of profitably providing affordable legal services to average income individuals and families upon graduation. The program emphasizes the role of technology in 21st century law practice, as well as the range of business, marketing, billing, and client retention and process improvement skills needed for modern law practice.

Professor Gabriel Teninbaum, director of the Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation, says of the Institute: “We’re training students in a new way because technology is transforming the practice of law--in dramatic ways. Lawyers need to understand how to use technology to innovate in a competitive marketplace. For example, technology can bring down costs so that lawyers can reach clients who might otherwise be unable to afford legal services. Many people are often willing to pay a lawyer but can’t pay the rates many lawyers need to charge to cover their overhead.  Technology offers a way for lawyers to innovate, reach new markets profitably, and improve access to legal help for lower income people.”