The Washington Post featured the Suffolk University Law School IP & Entrepreneurship Clinic in its business section on February 29. The article, “These college students took on one of America’s top trademark bullies – and won,” looks at the clinic’s victory over Monster Beverage Corp in a trademark case adjudicated last month.

The Post story reveals that “big companies file trademark actions all the time, and most small businesses quickly turn and run for fear of going bankrupt in court. Monster was infamously aggressive, filing more cases than any company in America last year with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the nation’s top trademark court.

“But this time, something different happened,” the Post wrote. Lih-Wei Chih, owner of MonsterFishKeepers, an exotic fighting fish fan site, reached out to the law school’s pro bono IP clinic for assistance defending his brand from Monster’s cease and desist order. “And earlier this month, after years of legal wrangling, the truly unusual happened: Chih and the students won.”

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