Professor Elizabeth Trujillo, co-chair of the American Society of International Law-International Economic Law Interest Group (ASIL-IEcLIG), was the lead organizer of the Group's Biennial Research conference, on "Reassessing International Economic Law and Development: New Challenges for Law and Policy." The conference, held from November 13-15, 2014, was hosted by ASIL Academic Partner University of Denver Sturm College of Law, in collaboration with the Leonard v.B. Sutton Colloquium in International Law. The keynote speaker was Petros Mavroidis of ASIL Academic Partner Columbia University School of Law and the European University Institute. More than 60 leading scholars from five regions of the world gathered to present their academic work on the conference theme and other important topics in international economic law. Panels addressed the role of law in devising domestic strategies for development; regulating climate change and fostering clean energy programs; addressing food security and technology transfer; and promoting international financial stability.

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