Ron Wheeler, Director of the Law Library & Information Resources & Associate Professor of Legal Research, recently spoke at the LSAC Diversity Retention Conference held in Las Vegas, NV April 8 – 10. Wheeler presented as part of a panel called It Still Takes a Village which focused on strategies that deans, associate deans, and law library directors can employ to enhance law school diversity and retention efforts. His panel included Dean Joan Howarth, the Dean of the Michigan State University College of Law, and Dean Reynaldo Valencia, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance at St. Mary’s University School of Law. In his remarks, Wheeler stressed the ways that law libraries and law librarians can partner with Academic Support, Admissions, and Diversity Offices to support and further the goals of diversity and inclusion, and he offered anecdotes from his own work.

Professor Wheeler was the first law librarian to ever be invited to speak at the LSAC Diversity event, and his expertise was sought in recognition of his ongoing work on issues of diversity. Wheeler authors a quarterly feature in the Law Library Journal called Diversity Dialogues, which addresses the importance of all types of diversity in the legal professions.