Professor of Law Emerita



  • Office: 120 Tremont St.,
  • Suite: 240-D
  • Phone: 617-573-8559
  • Fax: 617-723-5872
  • Email:


  • BA, Manhattanville College
  • JD, University of California, Berkeley


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Book Chapters

Educating Women Lawyers: Students, Professors, and Deans, in BREAKING THE BARRIERS: THE UNFINISHED STORY OF WOMEN LAWYERS AND JUDGES IN MASSACHUSETTS (2012) (Patti B. Saris, Margot Botsford & Barbara F. Berenson eds.)

The Wall: Reflections of a White Girl on Brown, in LAW TOUCHED OUR HEARTS: MEMORIES AND REFLECTIONS OF LAW PROFESSORS (Richard J. Bonnie and Mildred W. Robinson eds., 2008)


"Just Trying to Be Human in This Place", Too: From Inside the Law School Classroom to, 19 VA. J. SOC. POL'Y & L. 496 (2012) (with Russell G. Murphy)

Sex Trafficking Films in Law and Society Filmi o seks-torgovle: Obschestvo i zakon, 4 MEJDUNARODNIE ISSLEDOVNIYA OBSCHESTVO. POLITIKA. EKONOMIKA 53 (2010) (co-author, Alicia Foley)

"Just Trying To Be Human in This Place": Storytelling and Film in the First Year of Law School", 39 STETSON L. REV. 247 (2009) (with Russell G. Murphy)

Preface: A Conversation between Justice Michael Kirby and Professor Ruthann Robson, 43 SUFFOLK U.L. REV. 89 (2009)

Pedagogical Forays: One Art: Being Feminist in Legal Education, 32 LEGAL STUD. F. 953 (2008)

White Devotions, 31 LEGAL STUD. F. 449 (2007)

Catherine MacKinnon's Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues, 17 :4 BIMONTHLY REVIEW LAW BOOKS 9 (July/Aug. 2006) (book review)

The Last Hiding Place in Snow, 29 LEGAL STUD. F. 251 (2005)

An Elegy: Death of Blue Waters, 8 N.Y. CITY L. REV. 447 (2005)

A Path to Story(s) Table, 8 N.Y. CITY L. REV. 345 (2005)

Snap, 15 LAW & LITERATURE 143 (2003)

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Josephine, 24 LEGAL STUD. F. 451 (1999)

Judicial Voice: Judge Julia Cooper Mack and Images of the Child, 40 HOW. L.J. 331 (1998)