Rhode Island Practice Materials: Books and Periodicals


Rhode Island Rules of Evidence. Eric D. Green, ed.
LAW RESERVE KFR 540 .A44 G74 1999-
Includes text of the rules with advisory committee notes, case developments, and a comparison with the Federal Rules of Evidence. Includes periodic updates.

Rhode Island Appellate Practice: Rules and Statutes Affecting Appellate Practice and Procedure with Commentary. Joseph R. Weisberger.
LAW RESERVE KFR 555 .W45 1985
Includes text of the rules of appellate procedure with reporter's notes and references to cases which have interpreted the rules. Discusses appellate review by the Superior Court, District Court, Family Court, and Tax Administrator of administrative agency decisions. Also includes an outline of the composition and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Rhode Island Court Rules Annotated.
Includes the text of the rules governing Rhode Island practice, reporter's notes, citations to cases from Rhode Island Supreme Court and the federal courts, and references to ALR annotations. The following rules are included in this volume which is kept up-to-date with periodic supplementation: Rhode Island Supreme Court rules; Superior Courts rules with forms; District Court rules with forms; Family Court rules with forms; Rhode Island Rules of Evidence; Bail Guidelines; rules governing practice before the Workers' Compensation Court and the Administrative Adjudication Court; and rules in the federal courts.

Rhode Island Criminal Procedure. John A. MacFadyen.
LAW RESERVE KFR 575 .M143 1988
Covers the rules of criminal procedure from preliminary proceedings through trial, judgment, appeal, supplementary and special proceedings. Includes text of rules, reporter's notes, and commentary with case citations. Also includes a table of cases, appendix of forms, and subject index.

The Rhode Island Supreme Court and the Law of Crimes. Bruce G. Pollock, ed.
LAW RESERVE KFR 561 .A53 P777 1983-
Contains statements of "black letter" law extracted from Supreme Court decisions regarding substantive criminal law and evidentiary issues. Includes an appendix of the Rhode Island Rules of Evidence.

Rhode Island Criminal and Traffic Law Manual.
LAW RESERVE KFR 296 .R56 2008 and CD-ROM Network
Compiles selected laws relating to criminal law, traffic regulation, and motor vehicles. Includes a listing of "motor vehicle offenses commonly cited by Rhode Island police", the Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure, and a detailed topical index.

Rhode Island Education Laws and Rules Annotated.

LAW TREATISES (FL 5) KFR390 .A3 2008-2009 and CD-ROM Network.

Includes education laws of Rhode Island. Annotated with case law references. Also includes pertinent sections of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Rhode Island Evidence Manual. Eric D. Green, editor.

LAW RESERVE KFR540 .A44 G75 2005.

Provides case law annotations to the Rhode Island Rules of Evidence. Organized by rule. The case development sections are organized under topic headings.

Labor and Employment in Rhode Island: A Guide to Rhode Island Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices. Jeffrey L. Hirsch and William A. Farrell.
LAW RESERVE KFR 331 .H57 1992-.
Designed primarily for general practice attorneys and in-house counsel to serve as a manual on private employment in Rhode Island. Covers the law governing hiring, sexual harassment, wages/hours, OSHA, workers' compensation, unemployment, unionization, discrimination, and termination. Includes footnote references to case law, statutes, and an appendix of state and federal acts.

Rhode Island Practice: Tort Law and Personal Injury Practice. Ronald J. Resmini.
LAW RESERVE KFR 80 .R47 v.1 and v.2 1999-.
This two-volume set offers an analysis of statutes, common law and caselaw pertaining to torts, motor vehicles, insurance, and arbitration of tort and insurance claims. Includes references to West's key number system, Am. Jur.2d, C.J.S., and A.L.R. annotations. Volume 2 contains an appendix of rules governing arbitration, tables of cases, statutes, and court rules cited in the publication. Supplemented with annual pocket parts.

Rhode Island Civil Practice and Procedure. Ronald J. Resmini
LAW STATE MATERIALS(FL5) KFR530 .R47 v.1 and v.2 1996.
This two-volume set examines Rhode Island's rules of civil practice and their application. Includes appendix of forms, tables of cases and statutes.

Wills, Trusts & Gifts. David T. Riedel.
LAW RESERVE KFR 80 .R47 1998.
Covers areas of law and practice relating to formalities, construction and interpretation of wills, alternatives to wills, trusts and gifts. Also includes an analysis of related estate planning areas, such as powers of attorney and antenuptial agreements. Includes an appendix of forms, table of cases and citations to Rhode Island General Laws and the Restatement, and a subject index.

Rhode Island Bar Journal
Published monthly by the Rhode Island Bar Association. Includes digests of all decisions of the Rhode Island Supreme Court and articles relating to practice in Rhode Island. Selected articles from 1982 to date are available on WESTLAW(RIBJ).

Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly.
Published by Lawyers Weekly Publications(weekly except 2nd week in July and last week in December which are index issues). Includes digests of recent court and administrative decisions, articles relating to practice and procedure in Rhode Island courts and legislative action.

State Court Decisions, Legislative and Administrative Law

I. Rhode Island Reports(1828-1980) and the Atlantic Reporter(1885-date) contain decisions of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island.

II. General Laws of Rhode Island (codification), the Public Laws of Rhode Island (session laws), and the Rhode Island Acts and Resolves (local and private acts) contain legislative material. For administrative agency regulations, consult the Code of Rhode Island Rules.

Rhode Island Reports , statutes, session laws, and regulations are located at the Reserve Desk and on the sixth floor of the library with the Rhode Island state materials. The Atlantic Reporter is also located on the sixth floor of the library.

State Court Decisions, Legislative Material on the Web may be found at Rhode Island Government Information. See the section following Rhode Island Court System for additional web resources.

Rhode Island Court System

I. Supreme Court
Composed of 5 justices. The court has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, noncapital criminal, juvenile, disciplinary, advisory opinion, and original proceedings; the court has discretionary jurisdiction in administrative agency appeals, interlocutory decisions, and some original proceedings.

II. Superior Court(4 divisions)
Composed of 22 justices and 1 masters. The Superior Court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property matters, appeals, preliminary hearings, ordinance violations, misdemeanors and other matters. Jury trials are provided in the Superior Court.

III. Workers' Compensation Court
Composed of 10 judges. The Court hears administrative agency appeals.

IV. District Court(4 divisions)
Composed of 13 judges and 1 master. The District Court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property matters, appeals of administrative agency cases, and misdemeanors. The District Court also has jurisdiction over ordinance violations, moving traffic violations for those cases not handled administratively, and conducts preliminary hearings. No jury trials are provided in the District Courts.

V. Family Court(4 divisions)
Composed of 12 judges and 3 masters. The Family Court has exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations and juvenile matters. Jury trials are provided in the Family Court.

VI. Administrative Adjudication Court
The Administrative Adjudication Court is composed of 7 judges who hear cases involving traffic and other violations. No jury trials are provided.

VII. Municipal Court(14 courts)
The Municipal Court is composed of 17 judges and 2 magistrates who hear cases involving ordinance and parking violations. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the latter violations. No jury trials are provided.

VIII. Probate Court
The Probate Court is composed of 39 judges. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over estate matters. No jury trials are provided.

Source: BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks:A State by State and Federal Listing. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, 2009.


Rhode Island State Government Information Page
Provides links to executive, judicial(case law) and legislative web sites. Very good selection of links from these web sites, especially the Judicial Branch web page.
Rhode Island State Library
Good site for locating laws, legislative information and state agencies. Bookmarks page provides links to local, state and federal web resources.
Rhode Island Judiciary
Excellent site of Rhode Island appellate and trial court opinions and other resources. Refer to the listing under Supreme Court for links to ethics and disciplinary bodies.
Rhode Island General Assembly
Links to House and Senate members, bill status and history.
Rhode Island Bar Association
Comprehensive set of links for legal and general information. Good overview of what is available on the web.



All Sources: States Legal-U.S.: Rhode Island

Select Cases and Court Rules; Statutes/Legislative Materials; Administrative Materials(for Attorney General Opinions); Law Reviews/Journals(for the Rhode Island Bar Journal and the Roger Williams University Law Review ); and Jury Verdicts(which includes jury verdicts and settlements, and the Rhode Island Jury Verdict Review and Analysis .


RI-CS-ALL : Rhode Island State and Federal Court Cases
RI-CS : Rhode Island State Court Cases
RI-ST : Rhode Island Statutes. For the annotated version: RI-ST-ANN
RIBJ : Rhode Island Bar Journal
RWULR : Roger Williams University Law Review.

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