Madrid Class Schedules

Class schedules rely on meetings with advisors and the selection of which courses one wants to take in the upcoming academic year.

In orientation, students whose studies will lead to a bachelor’s degree are informed about the requirements and electives in their major area of study, and gain a better understanding of the American style of continuous evaluation and course evaluation. Academic honesty at the University is discussed and defined.

Following orientation, students take placement examinations in three subjects: English, Spanish, and mathematics. The results help professors place students in the correct academic level for each of these subjects.

As you look at the semester calendar, you will see that each is filled with academic challenges and many opportunities to take advantage of extracurricular activities. Our popular excursions include trips to cultural and historical sites in and around Madrid.

While extracurricular activities are an important aspect of university life, academic studies must remain a top priority for all students. With this in mind, mid-term examinations are held in the middle of each semester and final exams at the end of each semester. The semester calendar is an important resource for everyone on Campus.