'The Global Economic Impact of COVID-19'

Professor Ken Hung writes about global supply chains in logistics trade journal

Companies must develop new procurement and manufacturing plans in countries outside of China and continuously evaluate risk to their production capacity, access to raw materials, and labor, following the massive supply chain disruptions brought on by COVID-19, argues Suffolk University Professor Ken Hung in the article “The Global Economic Impact of COVID-19” published in Inbound Logistics, a supply chain management industry publication.

Hung, chair of the Information Systems and Operations Management program in Suffolk’s Sawyer Business School, explores the issues facing China and other countries. He examines how the disruptions will affect the technology industry in particular.

“In industries such as the electronics supply chain, where close cooperation, face-to-face communication, verification, and adjustment are necessary for new product development and production processes, reduced interaction will affect the eventual outputs. The recovery of high-level and close cooperation will depend on the containment of disease outbreaks and lifting travel restrictions across countries and within China,” Hung writes.

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Greg Gatlin
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