Suffolk University’s Student Affairs Office is leading a Global Leadership exchange in Barbados during spring break, providing students with an opportunity to meet Barbadian students and political figures who can offer their unique perspectives on leadership and government.

A select group of twelve students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, will embark on a five-day trip to meet students from Barbados colleges and universities.

They will learn what it is like to be a college student in a different country -- particularly Barbados -- and meet Barbadian student leaders who will offer their perspectives on leadership.

“Part of leadership is having different perspectives,” said David DeAngelis, director of student leadership and involvement. “Hearing the different perspectives will shape students’ values and morals in life.”

Students also will tour Parliament, the George Washington Museum and the History and Culture Museum as they learn about the government, culture and history of Barbados.

The leadership experience offers another path for students who seek an enriching vacation-time experience. The University also sponsors Alternative Spring Break trips that focus on service.

DeAngelis expects that learning about another culture and conversing with college students from a different country will provide Suffolk University students with broader views on leadership.

“It’s an experience that is not likely to be forgotten,” he said.