The Crucible, one of America’s most enduring theatrical masterpieces, turns 60 in 2013.

Arthur Miller’s allegorical response to the McCarthy Era, written in the 1950s, transports audiences to the Salem witch-hunt madness of the 1690s. The embers of a girl’s malicious game ignite the Puritanical world of Salem Village with false prophecies, greed and vengeance.

Distinguished Visiting Scholar Judy Braha directs Suffolk University Theatre Department students in this production.

The Crucible opens Thursday, April 18, and runs through Sunday, April 21.

A discussion “Celebrating its 60th year - why does America still find The Crucible compelling?" will follow the Saturday matinee performance with Braha and Theatre Department Chair┬áMarilyn Plotkins.

Tickets are available online or by calling 1-800-440-7654 at $15 for the general public. Discounted $10 tickets are available for students and seniors.

The C. Walsh Theatre is located at 55 Temple St. on Beacon Hill in Boston.