A grant from the National Association of College and University Residence Halls will allow three students and a University staff member to travel to Boulder, Colorado, for the student-run association’s national conference.

The University’s Residence Hall Association, which programs educational, social, and cultural activities, is one of two organizations nationwide to be awarded the National Association of College and University Residence Halls grant.

“This recognition is a great gift and especially noteworthy because our Residence Hall Association program is relatively new,” said Residence Director Keith Waak, who will travel to Denver with three students who serve on the Residence Hall Association executive board.

The four-day conference includes workshops on leadership experience, diversity training, community development, advocacy strategies, safety education and fundraising.

The grant is the most recent for the University’s Residence Hall Association, which counts a national grant, two regional grants, and a top-ten conference programming award among the 10 awards it has received in the past four years. Student Paul Bresnahan has received a two-year service pin, and Jackie Bresnahan (no relation), a distinguished member award.

“Our RHA program is for the students by the students,” said Waak. “In just a short time, we have developed a reputation for excellent programming and overall investment in the quality of life in our residence halls.”

The mission of the Residence Hall Association is to enhance residential life through the programming that facilitates campus networking. The group includes about 30 students who provide a voice for students in an effort to provide the best-possible residential experience for all.

“I would say that what makes our Residence Hall Association different is our size,” said Waak. “We are so small that if a student wants to have a significant impact on Suffolk and the region, he or she really has the ability to do so. A student can come in with big dreams and see those dreams achieved because the group feeds off of energy, talent and ambition.