Suffolk University senior Alyson Reitano is exploring her two greatest interests-marketing and global business-as an intern for the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNA-GB).

The association supports the mission of the United Nations among the Greater Boston community. With the goal of building a grassroots network of global citizens in the Boston area, the UNA-GB offers educational programs and promotes collaboration among many different sectors of Boston.

Reitano, who is earning a joint degree in Global Business and Marketing, began her internship this semester, working in the communications department. With a strong interest in social media marketing, Reitano manages the UNA-GB Facebook and Twitter pages.

She is also an active writer for The Official Blog of the UNA-GB, which addresses critical global issues, such as human rights, economic development, and education. “In each blog, I try to relate world events back to Boston,” she said.

While balancing a full course load at Sawyer Business School, Reitano puts in anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a week at the UNA-GB. She values and enjoys the experience because it coincides with her personal interests.

“I like knowing current events, staying on top of it, sharing knowledge, and informing other people,” she said. “I’m learning so much since the internship is very hands-on.”

She also appreciates the diversity of her coworkers, who have various professional and cultural backgrounds. “I’m working with people from all over the world,” she said. “The global aspect of it is what I really enjoy,” she said.

Reitano’s interest in global affairs began four years ago, when she learned about Suffolk University’s Study Abroad Program in Madrid. After enrolling in the program as a freshman, “I got bit by the travel bug,” Reitano said. She went on to study in Australia and Rome during her junior year.

“I’m really interested in travel and learning about new cultures, so I would say the Business School has done a very good job at promoting global leadership,” she said.

Reitano plans to graduate this May and hopes her experience with the UNA-GB will help her land a similar job in the near future.

“I’m applying for jobs now, and I’ve always wanted to work for the US government, but now that I’m working with UNAGB, the UN and UNESCO and all those other nonprofit agencies have become more appealing to me,” she said.