How does a young man who hails from the Pacific Northwest and has never been east of Colorado end up traveling 3,000 miles to attend graduate school at Suffolk University?

He did his homework.

“I looked everywhere, but there just weren’t many schools in the country that offer a master of science in Ethics and Public Policy,” says Justin “Jesse” Sanders, who hails from Portland, Oregon. “Suffolk was my number one choice, mainly because of its faculty and small class sizes.”


Sanders, who received his MSEPP degree in May, appreciates the encouragement he received from faculty members throughout his graduate school experience.

“They supported my academic interests and were willing to network me with like-minded professionals.” he says. “They also gave me the freedom I needed to figure out what I wanted to pursue.”

Internship & work experience

With the help of Philosophy Professor Nir Eisikovits, Sanders secured a summer internship as a research analyst for a company that advises global firms on how to manage organizational culture to optimize performance and reduce risks.

While at Suffolk, Sanders had an opportunity to improve his mentoring skills by working as an assistant academic improvement coordinator in the Ballotti Learning Center.

“I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of the students and being able to effect positive change regarding their academics,” he says. “Fulfilling this leadership role in assisting others is something I can take away with me in any career path I choose.”

His goal is to work as a corporate compliance officer in the private sector and also to do some business management consulting.