Hayley Jodoin relied on Suffolk University’s alumni network when seeking internships as a law student, and now these mentors are providing support for her job search.

“Being a part of a vibrant group that is looking out for me is a huge asset and one that I am not sure exists at other schools in the same way it does at Suffolk Law,” she says.

Jodoin has been an active participant in the Alumni Mentor Program, which connects students with alumni for help with interviewing and writing skills, career goals and planning, and finding internships or permanent employment.

“I received great advice about how to prepare for getting a job,” she says.

What Jodoin learned helped her to secure several internships, including a position at the Victim Rights Law Center, the first nonprofit law center in the nation solely dedicated to serving the needs of rape and sexual assault victims.

Jodoin is interested in practicing corporate law and says that her Suffolk University Law School education has given her the skills to stand up not only for herself, but also for others.

“Suffolk Law has taught me how to identify and analyze the most basic legal relationships between people, which is essentially the fabric of our society,” she says.

“It was a wonderful learning experience. The Law School is like a family; there is an extraordinary sense of camaraderie between the faculty and students. I met a lot of great people who I know will continue to be my friends and future colleagues.

“No matter what endeavors I decide to pursue, I know that my law degree will be an essential tool in helping me to navigate the world both personally and professionally.”