More than 80 visiting Chinese students and 15 professors immersed themselves in the English language and American culture this summer through a five-week program sponsored by Suffolk University’s Second Language Services Department and Office of Enrollment Planning and Management.

“We are pleased and privileged to have these wonderful students visit us this summer,” said Second Language Services Director Linda Foley-Vinay. “They contribute a great deal to our understanding of international education and help us look at Boston and Suffolk University through the eyes of a visitor."

Focus on language and teaching

Suffolk educators helped the students to improve their English-speaking skills each morning, while also working with the visiting professors on teaching methods in a curriculum-development workshop.

The Chinese contingent spent afternoons touring Boston and beyond, visiting sites such as the Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Federal Reserve Bank, Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, and Walden Pond.

“The summer is such a wonderful time for these students to come to Boston,” said Foley-Vinay. “There are many cultural and educational activities for us to share with them.”

Suffolk University professors held informational sessions with the visitors, touching upon topics ranging from communications to business.

“When the students have a good experience here, they bring that experience back home to China and share it with their fellow students, friends, and faculty,” said Dan Wu, director of the Enrollment Partnership Programs, who worked with partner institutions in recruiting students from China to the Suffolk campus.

This was the fifth summer that Suffolk has hosted students from China.

“In addition to our groups visiting from China, we look forward to hosting students from other parts of the world next summer,” said Foley-Vinay.