On September 27, Kara Miller, host of WGBH’s Innovation Hub, will lead an exclusive discussion about the impact of technology on businesses.

The event, entitled “The New Economy: How Automation is Changing the Game,” will feature several leading technology experts. Among them is Andrew McAfee, co-author of the Race Against the Machine. McAfee’s work focuses on the interaction of digital technology, employment, and organizations. He will discuss how advances in technology are affecting today’s job market.

Daniel Theobald, chief technology officer of Vecna Technologies, will also weigh in on the subject. With a background in mechanical engineering, Theobald has developed web-based control algorithms for a robotic Mars explorer, a progenitor of the NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

Harvard Business School Professor Willy Shih will share his experience in technology and operations management. Shih spent 18 years in the computer industry, primarily working in product development for IBM. He also served as president of the Consumer Digital unit at Eastman Kodak and executive vice president at Thomson, where he was co-head of the Technology Group.

Rodney Brooks, the founder of Rethink Robotics and inventor of Roomba, will explain how robots can help improve manufacturing processes. Previously, Brooks served as a Panasonic professor of Robotics at MIT and director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The event will begin at 7pm at the Modern Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online. It is $15 for General Admission and $10 for students, seniors, WGBH Members, and Suffolk community members.

For live updates during the talk, follow @SuBizSchool on Twitter, and use the hashtag: #SUinnovate.