The Sawyer Business School recognized four exceptional faculty members earlier this week with awards for service, teaching, research, and administrative service.

Michael Behnam, Associate Dean/Dean of Graduate Programs and Academic Affairs and Director of Global Travel Seminars, presented the awards.

Excellence in Service

Arnold Kamis, associate professor of Information System and Operations Management, was awarded for his excellence in service. He has served on more than 10 committees throughout his time at Suffolk and is an active member in his community.

“Arnold has a passion for excellence, and he works hard to ensure our school reflects that same high standard,” one nominator remarked. “He truly goes above and beyond and embodies the characteristics of a worthy recipient of the service award,” another noted.

Excellence in Teaching

Professor George Moker, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, was recognized for his excellence in teaching. On a five-point scale, Moker’s courses are typically rated 4.92-5.

Behnam shared several praises from Moker’s students.

“This was my favorite class this semester. Everything about this class is wonderful. It is by far the best course I have taken,” one student wrote about one of Moker's courses.

Many others agreed, with one declaring Moker the “best professor at Suffolk.” Another student said, “I will never meet a better instructor.”

Excellence in Research

The third award went to Lydia Segal, associate professor of Business Law and Ethics, for excellence in research.

“Lydia had an illustrious and very productive career as a scholar long before she joined us,” Behnam said as he presented Segal with the honor.

Segal has published several works on corruption in the public school systems in United States, including Battling Corruption in America's Public Schools, which Tom Peters called, “the most important book on education in half a century.”

Excellence in Administrative Service

Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs and Dean of MBA Programs Lillian Hallberg was the first ever to receive the Dean’s award for excellent administrative service. The award recognizes the enormous dedication that so many Suffolk University administrators put in every year to serve students in the best possible way, Behnam explained.

“Lill really pours her heart into her work. Even at the end of her usual 12-hour days, she is energetic and upbeat. She is truly passionate about her work,” he said.

He described her as the mother, the father, the aunt, and the uncle to Suffolk’s graduate students. “She always has the best interests of the students at heart, and while she’s strict and clear, she’s also caring and compassionate,” he added. “Lil has a unique ability to hire and develop people. Lill manages her staff in an outstanding manner; always making them part of a team and always helping them to grow.”