Danny Fischer plays the sax and three other instruments.


Danny Fischer -- honored as Youth of the Year by his California hometown -- enters Suffolk with two goals in mind: to receive a quality education and to continue a longtime commitment to helping others.

Fischer was named the 2012 Westlake Village Youth of the Year for service to his community, in particular for his volunteer work with the Cancer Support Community Kid’s Circle program.

Fischer first joined the arts support group for children whose families have been touched by cancer at age 11. His dad had been diagnosed and died two years later.

But Fischer remained with the program, transitioning from participant to volunteer and mentor.

“It helped me get through my dad’s passing,” he says. “And it taught me the importance of having a good support system and giving back to the community.”

The Cancer Support Community also benefits from Fisher the musician. He plays the saxophone, clarinet, flute, and oboe and has been in demand as a performer at organization fundraisers.

Boston sports fan

Attending Suffolk is a homecoming of sorts for Fischer. His roots are in Massachusetts, but he moved with his family to the West Coast when he was a child.

“I always knew that when it was time to go to college, I would pick somewhere on the East Coast,” he says. “I wanted to come back to the Boston area because I love the city and I’m a big fan of all the pro sports teams here.”

Connecting with Suffolk service learning

Fischer is a double major – math and physics -- but beyond academics, he is excited about living on campus and enjoying everything Boston has to offer.

He also plans to connect with Suffolk’s Organization for Uplifting Lives through Service (S.O.U.L.S.) to find opportunities for volunteering in the community.

And he won’t forget his commitment to the Kid’s Circle program back home; he’ll be staying in touch through Skype.