Edward Bartick, director of the Forensic Science program, has been awarded a grant by the National Institute of Justice for “Evaluation of Statistical Measures for Fiber Comparisons: Interlaboratory Studies and Forensic Databases.”

The one-year grant funds a collaboration among three universities and three police laboratories: Suffolk University and the Crime Laboratory Unit of the Boston Police Department; the University of South Carolina and the South Carolina State Police Laboratory; and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and the Indiana State Police Laboratory.

The University will receive $152,000 of the $490,000 grant to fund student researchers and the purchase of a microspectrophotometer and other equipment.

The microspectrophotometer is used in forensic science to digitally measure the spectra of microscopic samples.

Each university receiving a portion of the grant is responsible for contributing to the development of a database and will perform round-robin studies to compare accuracy of results and statistical data. Findings will be shared within the group.

“The students will benefit because they will have a working experience with trace evidence and learn firsthand how fibers are analyzed, and they will have been a part of this potentially ground-breaking research.” said Bartick, who spent 20 years as a research scientist in the FBI Laboratory’s Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit before joining the University.