The Beacon Hill Institute participates in the annual Job Shadow Day sponsored by the Boston Private Industry Council and the Boston Public Schools to provide an opportunity for high school students who are considering career choices to learn about professional life.

This year, Deron Smith, a junior from Charlestown High School, shadowed Frank Conte, director of communications for the Beacon Hill Institute. Smith learned about the institute's public policy work in taxation, regulation, and forecasting. During his visit, he participated in a meeting that highlighted how the institute would apply its technical expertise on an issue such as job creation and small business and what policy recommendations might emerge. Smith, who resides in Dorchester, expressed an interest in becoming a real estate agent.

"Each year, Job Shadow Day provides a great opportunity to meet Boston public school students like Deron who are curious about the real world of work and how their classroom lessons match up," said Conte. "Deron learned about the importance of lifelong learning and how the nature of my job has changed over the years because of technology. At the same time I learned about his aspirations as a public school student and his future plans."

The Beacon Hill Institute has hosted Boston Public School students on Job Shadow Day since 1999.