The locally shot film “The Fighter,” which netted best supporting actor and actress Oscars, also was a big win for Hollywood producer David Hoberman, who holds an honorary degree from the University and will return to campus in April as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar.

Just days before the Academy Award ceremonies, Hoberman joined Acting President and Provost Barry Brown via satellite to talk about “The Fighter” and other projects, as well as the producer’s enthusiasm for teaching at Suffolk University. Last year he led a three-day screenwriting seminar for undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Brown conducted the interview from the stage of the new Modern Theatre in Downtown Boston, while Hoberman was in his production studio, Mandeville Films, in Hollywood.

Hoberman, who has produced more than 25 major motion pictures, told Brown: “I love Suffolk. Teaching undergraduates is a whole different experience. We did a lot of evaluation of screen plays that they had written and found the talent pool pretty good actually. They come with a great amount of enthusiasm."

Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund, the Lowell brothers depicted in “The Fighter,” will speak at the University on Thursday, March 3.