Republican Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker discussed policy as the lead-off guest in the 2010 Gubernatorial Speaker Series presented by the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service.

Baker focused on economic development and tax and regulatory policy in Massachusetts, suggesting that state economic development policy should focus on the strengths of various Massachusetts regions rather than on sectors such as health care or biotechnology.

In an address to nonprofit leaders, businesspeople, senior policymakers, lobbyists, lawyers, faculty, and students, Baker said he could see the argument for one casino in Massachusetts, mainly as a means to capture dollars that are now being spent at casinos in Connecticut, though not as a major economic development effort.

The former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care also said that people and companies are leaving Massachusetts, not because of the weather, but because of the climate – as in the tax and regulatory climate that makes it harder for businesses to succeed here.

Speaker schedule

The Rappaport Center’s speaker series affords the gubernatorial candidates a forum to discuss policy issues they think are important to Massachusetts voters and to identify their priorities. The series continues as follows:

  • March 22, Treasurer Tim Cahill, independent
  • April 7, Republican businessman Christy Mihos
  • May 24, Gov. Deval Patrick, Democrat