As of March 1, 2010, 73 Tremont Street is switching to a single stream recycling program. What does this mean for you? Students, employees, and visitors to the building can now just place their recyclables in any recycling bin. Paper and cardboard do not have to be separated from glass, metal, and plastic.

"Single stream recycling will make it easier for building occupants to recycle. Instead of walking down the hall to recycle their empty yogurt cups, plastic to-go containers, and the like, they can just place it in the blue bin at their desk," said Campus Sustainability Coordinator Erica Mattison. "We expect to see a significant increase in recycling at 73 Tremont this spring. Our goal is a 60% recycling rate, up from the 40% recycling rate in place before the switch to single stream."

Awareness efforts include students visiting each office to let them know of the change, an informational email to all employees, emails to 73 Tremont offices, and informational tables.

Share your ideas for how to improve recycling at 73 Tremont. Write to