Edward G. Bartick, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Patrick Buzzini, have published a chapter “Raman Spectroscopy in Forensic Science” in the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, 2009.

James Cataldo of Accounting and Morris McInnes, associate dean of the Sawyer Business School, had a paper "The Role of Fair Value and Transaction-Based Accounting Measures in Firm Valuation" published in Chinese in Kuaiji yanjiu (Accounting Research), Issue 7.

Tom Connolly, English, published three major essays, “Critics,” “Eugene O’Neill” and “Long Day’s Journey into Night” in Broadway: An Encyclopedia of Theater and American Culture. He also published an article “From First Nighter to Essayist: The (dis)Establishment of/and Drama Critic John Mason Brown” in The Journal of American Drama and Theatre, Vol. 20, No 3.

Lisa Coyne, Psychology, has published a book The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Parenting in the Early Years, 2009.

Colette Dumas, Management and Entrepreneurship, published “KaBloom Explodes on the Scene” with Beverly Kahn, Jafar Mana, David Hartstein, and Gina Vega in Case Research Journal, 30 (1).

Giana Eckhardt, Marketing. Her paper “A Brief History of Branding in China” (co-authored with Anders Bengtsson) was published in the Journal of Macromarketing, Nov. 2009.

C. Gopinath, Strategy and International Business. His opinion column “Google is upset with China” was published in The Hindu Business Line on Feb. 1, 2010.

Liz Drexler-Hines, Health and Wellness Services. Her article “Peer Education: Is it Working?” was published in College Health in Action, the American College Health Association's newsletter.

Amy Marks, Psychology, has published the book Immigrant Stories: Ethnicity and Academics in Middle Childhood, 2009.

Peter Jeffreys, English. His edition of C.P. Cavafy’s Selected Prose Writings will be published by the University of Michigan Press this spring. The volume, which is part of the University of Michigan’s series Writers on Writing, will be jointly published in the United Kingdom as part of the University of Birmingham’s Modern Greek Translations Series. It is the first English translation of Cavafy’s prose works to date. Also, Jeffreys’ book The Forster—Cavafy Letters: Friends at a Slight Angle was reviewed in the Dec. 4, 2009 London Times Literary Supplement (TLS) and will be translated into Greek and published by the Ikaros Press (Athens) this summer.

Micky Lee, Communication and Journalism. Her article "Revisiting the ‘Google in China’ Question from a Political Economic Perspective" will be published in China Media Research.

Raul and Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, Physics, Madrid Campus, published two articles: "Not an open cluster after all: the NGC 6863 asterism in Aquila (co-authored with Christian Moni Bidin and Giovanni Carraro) in the European peer-reviewed journal Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol. 510, Feb. 5, 2010, A44; and "Drag-induced resonant capture in a multiplanet scenario: An application to 55 Cancri A" published in the peer-reviewed journal New Astronomy, Vol. 15, Issue 2, Feb. 1, 2010, pp. 260-273.

Susan Orsillo, Psychology, has published a book, Mindfulness- & Acceptance-Based Behavioral Therapies in Practice, 2009.

Sebastián Royo, associate dean of the college and director of the Madrid campus, has published “Reforms Betrayed? Zapatero and Continuities in Economic Policies,” in the journal South European Society & Politics Vol. 14, No. 4, Dec. 2009.

Yong Xue, History, had a Chinese-language column "Zhōngguó yào lǐngdǎo ‘Jiǎnpái Shìjì’" (″China Must Lead the ‘Emissions Reduction Century’″) published in the Jan. 18, 2010, edition of South Du Weekly. It was also translated into English and posted on the European Tribune Web site.