A note sharing website, an app that connects local university events, and a laptop rental program for Suffolk students were some of the service ideas that Professor Catherine McCabe’s Honors Principles of Marketing (MKT H210) class presented at their poster session on Thursday, April 28th. Over the course of the semester, the MKT H210 students worked in teams to develop detailed marketing plans for services that meet the needs of college students. Instead of having the groups present their plans within their own classroom, McCabe opened the presentations up to all of Suffolk, and encouraged students, faculty, and staff to critique the final marketing strategies.

Visitors meandered from one exhibit to the next, viewing posters and interactive computer displays, and listening to the teams explain their services. MKT H210 students enjoyed this presentation format because they generally felt that it was less stressful and more interactive than standing in front of a class and reading notes from a PowerPoint presentation. The feedback was especially helpful to students as well. One student said, “The poster session presentation format is great for getting feedback from people who might not necessarily know about our project. I’ve already gotten some new ideas to include in our final paper before it’s due next week.”

After speaking with two groups about marketing their services, Sawyer Business School Advisor Jason Riccio commented, “Their ideas are very practical and could be implemented at a fairly low cost. The students were very knowledgeable about their marketing plans. They even knew how long it would take to turn a profit.” Myra Lerman, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs in the Business School said, “Although preparing for a poster session might be more challenging for the students because they have to know everything inside-out, I think it is so much more dynamic and interesting to everyone. Students aren’t just sitting and waiting for their turn to present; everyone is walking around and being attentive.”

McCabe, along with other faculty members advocate this type of presentation format for courses like MKT H210. When asked about the benefits of a poster session, Executive in Residence and Marketing Instructor, Jerry Mee said, “It’s less stressful for students because there’s less of a searing focus on them from professors. This format is so much more conversational and real-world. As a professor, you always worry about what students take away from your course. When they are explaining their marketing plans one-on-one with people from outside their class, you can rest assured that they get it.”