The Rappaport Briefing blog offers a collection of student commentaries on issues confronting state and local government in Massachusetts.

The briefing, created by the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service at Suffolk University Law School also presents news about Rappaport Center activities.

A series of commentaries addresses a wide range of issues, including health care costs, the foreclosure crisis, underperforming schools, and Cape Wind.

These commentaries are based on research papers written by students in LAW 2117 Law and Public Policy, a course that introduces the political and bureaucratic factors influencing the design and implementation of public policy while providing students with an opportunity to examine policy questions facing state and local government in Massachusetts.

The Rappaport Briefing also includes a report on a panel discussion of challenges presented by the new media environment.

And it offers a podcast in which student Jen Bonar talks about her summer internship working with Defenders of Wildlife in Anchorage, Alaska, on policies relating to wildlife management and predator control.