The Fall/Winter 2013-14 issue of Salamander, a literary journal published by Suffolk University, has been released.

Salamander combines the best new work by writers now reaching artistic maturity with exciting new work by established writers.

The issue includes:


  • Anthony Caleshu
  • Sharon Dolin
  • Jill McDonough
  • Annik Adey-Babinsky
  • Liliana Ursu
  • Julian Stannard
  • Lindsay Illich
  • Anzhelina Polonskaya
  • Octavio Quintanilla,
  • Shane McCrae
  • Aviya Kushner and others


  • “Iphigenia in Baltimore” by Jen Fawkes
  • “O Thou, Whom My Soul Doth Love,” by Rochelle Distelheim
  • “Tiny Rhode Islands” by Eugenio Volpe
  • “Do You Know What a Leader Is?” by Luke Fiske
  • “The Dome” by Gary Scott


Reviews by Heather Madden, Valerie Duff-Strautmann and Jacqueline Kolosov discuss new books of poetry by Nicole Terez-Dutton, Ben Berman and Will Schutt, and Averill Curdy.

English Professor Jennifer Barber is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Salamander