Two installations at the Adams Gallery are among more than 60 simultaneous Transcultural Exchange presentations worldwide, bringing together artists from various cultures and disciplines in a project called Here, There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art of the Future.

The exhibit is at the Adams Gallery April 1 through May 7, 2009.

Two artists involved in the Adams Gallery exhibit, Audrey Goldstein and Ilona Anderson, are members of the faculty of the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University.

The exhibit coincides with the Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts, presented by Transcultural Exchange April 3-5, 2009, in Boston.

Point to Point

Goldstein worked with Dennis Simms of Berlin to create the installation Point to Point.

Point-to-Point consists of a sculptural backpack Goldstein wore at the DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn. Video of the DUMBO event is projected onto the backpack, and the notebook Goldstein used to collect signatures of people she met while wearing it is displayed.

Simms’ soundtrack is a compilation of sounds culled from musicians in Berlin’s clubs, street noise, and the heartbeat.

The work reflects Goldstein’s fascination with the full spectrum of interpersonal relationships, from chance encounters and familial ties to the disembodied and remote intimacy of the online world.

Common Ground

For the installation Common Ground, Anderson collaborated with Janet Callinicos of Brisbane, Australia, and Liza Callinicos of London.

The artists, all of whom have lived in Africa, employed the call and response of African musical tradition to bring to mind the fragile balance in negotiating between cultural contexts. Their installation consists of a romantic embroidered silk petticoat, a “memory of a memory” (Anderson), floating above a pile of discarded objects on the floor (Janet Callinicos), and the sound of breath emanating from within (Liza Callinicos).