Sushil Bhatia may not be a comedian, but he certainly knows how to make people laugh.

The award-winning entrepreneur and innovator, author of the new e-book Laugh, THINK NEUTRAL, & Save Your Life, strongly believes that laughter is the best way to enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

The 130-page publication covers everything from health and happiness to marriage and spirituality. Chapters describe¬†such eye-catching concepts as “The 8 Clues to Happiness,” “Lunch, Laughter, and Longevity,” and “The Ten Commandments of Health.”

"A new way of thinking"

“The purpose of the book is to spread laughter and provide people with a new way of thinking (THINK NEUTRAL) to handle their biggest challenges innovatively, creatively and with happiness,” says Bhatia, executive-in-residence and Sawyer Business School faculty member. “This will result in more professional, financial and intellectual success.”

Positive or negative thinking are more stressful to the mind than neutral thinking, which has a calming influence, according to Bhatia. This is particularly beneficial “when facing all the curve balls that life throws at you,” he says.

Physical and mental benefits

In his book, Bhatia focuses on the power of laughter and its various benefits. In the chapter “Laugh Your Head Off” he points out that “laughter stimulates the brain as well as the body.”

“Most people take life too seriously, but sometimes you have to force yourself to laugh,” he says. “It takes 62 muscles to frown and 26 muscles to laugh. You do the math.”

Bhatia, who teaches innovation and new product development, begins each class by leading a breathing-and-meditation exercise for his students. During the course of the semester, he asks students to devise their own way to promote laughter, which they demonstrate in front of the class.

“They take a lead role, and it’s good for their public speaking,” says Bhatia. “They're learning while having fun at the same time.”

Bhatia's new book is geared to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Students buy in

“With the information that the book provides, I learned how to be positive in my life,” says freshman Manxia Chen. “I understand how laughter can put you in a good mood for days and that we all must live happily.”

Freshman Abdulla Khoory says that she’d like to see the book become required reading for Suffolk students “because it can help students think in a better way.”

“This book is a great and uplifting read,” says MBA student Megan Campbell. “The benefits of laughter are very interesting. Who would have thought it helps with bronchitis and asthma.”

Laughing Clubs of America

Bhatia is the founder of the Laughing Clubs of America and the author of Just Say YES to Laughing Your Way to Fitness with Yoga and Meditation (and That’s No Joke). Many topics highlighted in his new book originally were¬†touched on in his biweekly newsletter that is distributed to a worldwide audience.

“What I do gives me great satisfaction because I feel that I’m helping people to better themselves,” he says. “By adopting the techniques that I suggest, people put themselves on a different path altogether, which makes them healthier, more spiritual and wiser.

“It may take people a little time to warm-up to me, but then they get it. After all, laughter is contagious.”