Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in late February signed emergency regulations banning shackling of inmates in labor for 90 days. A bill to permanently ban the practice is in committee.

Hilary DetmoldLaw alumna Hilary Detmold criticized the state's shackling policies in a Rappaport Briefing commentary as a student in July 2012. 

In her commentary, "Safe pregnancies for incarcerated women: Why both parties should support anti-shackling legislation," Detmold pointed out that Massachusetts was one of seven states to come under fire from the National Women’s Law Center for outmoded shackling policies.

She argued that “civil rights organizations as well as conservative, pro-life groups can unite in supporting the protection of women and children in safe pregnancy and delivery” as she urged support of a bill then in the Massachusetts House.

Detmold is now an associate practicing in the Labor and Employment Law Department of Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis & Holland, P.C. in Boston.

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