Dr. Pierre Du Jardin, one of the longest serving members of the SUDC staff, and our new Academic Director, took over this Spring.

A Belgian national from the city of Antwerp, Dr. Du Jardin has had a very global experience in his life. He graduated from his university education at home in Belgium. After graduating, he moved to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to teach for 3 years. Three years later, he pursued a career at General Motors Corporation in the Managing Executive Education sector for 10 years. He then decided to take the path of an academic educator by enrolling in Harvard Business School, where he received his Doctorate.

Shortly after, he worked at Suffolk University for 18 years, ten of the years he spent at Suffolk Dakar, on and off. Of the two campuses, Boston and Dakar, Dr. Du Jardin believes that the real difference is that in Dakar, the campus allows closer contact between faculty and students, as well as student to student. This he believes brings the feeling of a family and he feels he enjoys his time here due to all the cheerfulness.

His final message in this interview to all the students is for them to “remain strong to your heritage, whilst still becoming global”. Thank you, Dr. Du Jardin, for this great advice.