The auditions are over. It was tough to choose only two students from a strong Suffolk University talent pool, but the new "Suffolk in the City" team is now in place.

New England Cable News is deploying Andrew Scheinthal and Breana Pitts to gain insight about topical issues from passers-by for the station's "Suffolk in the City" segment.

The two will wield their microphones in front of the University's television studio on Tremont Street in Boston.

NECN broadcast a segment on the auditions and will feature Pitts and Scheinthal on its "Morning Show."

"There are a lot of things I hope to gain from this experience with NECN," said Scheinthal. "Learning how to put together a story and to report live on air are going to be a major learning opportunity for myself and Breana.

"I'm very excited to be apart of the NECN family for the next six months, and I hope that this opportunity will open some doors for me by the time I graduate in the spring."