Graduate student Tim Goehlert, a “baseball and numbers guy” for as long as he can remember, has combined his two passions to create a reference book covering all current Major League Baseball teams.

Baseball Franchise Rankings contains more than 330 pages of statistics, rankings, tables and facts, as well as fun notes and trivia.

What makes the book unique is its summaries explaining why certain teams have been more or less successful than others.

As the name implies, Baseball Franchise Rankings also contains a scoring formula that ranks today’s 30 professional franchises in order of historical greatness from 1871-2010. Goehlert’s system uses a weighted-value scoring system based on each team’s regular-season and post-season achievements.

“The book is based on each team’s accomplishments over the years,” said Goehlert, who reminisced about a boyhood spent poring over statistics on the backs of baseball cards and playing board baseball games with friends. “Milestones have always interested me.”

MBA courses served as guide

Goehlert is enrolled in the Sawyer Business School’s MBA program. He said that courses such as Social Media Marketing, New Product Development and Business Startups have “helped me from start to finish in putting my book together.”

It took Goehlert, a digital project manager for Mullen Advertising in Boston, three years to complete Baseball Franchise Rankings. The book was published March 31-- Opening Day for the 2011 MLB season.

For the love of stats

“Baseball fans of all ages love stats, rankings and debating about teams,” he said. “This is a good reference, coffee table book to start a conversation.”

Not surprisingly, Goehlert lists the Boston Red Sox as his favorite pro team. Each trip to Fenway Park to cheer on the home club is a “special occasion” for him.

“I love all sports, but baseball is definitely number one with me,” he said.