In September 2011 Suffolk Sustainability conducted its second annual survey of new undergraduate and graduate students. In terms of campus environmental initiatives, the survey is a way to:

  • Raise awareness about campus environmental initiatives
  • Gauge new student awareness and interest
  • Collect feedback to find out what opportunities students see

Enable students to connect with campus environmental initiatives.

One thousand new students participated in the survey, yielding a 22% response rate from new undergrads and 32% response rate from new graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Sawyer Business School. The Suffolk University Sustainability Committee is looking to expand the survey in 2012 to include Law Students.

The survey encourages students to reflect on topics such as:

  • the ease of recycling at Suffolk,
  • what they would like to see more of in campus cafes and the University Bookstore, and
  • their own level of participation in campus conservation initiatives.

Participants had the chance to win environmental prizes. See our winners.

What Students Are Saying

The open-ended portions of the survey encourage students to provide observations. Here is a sample of comments:

“I like to be a part of a school that really tries to make a difference and leave an impact with the students. Mostly I like how easy [it is to] recycle…it is just the way of life at Suffolk.”

“I appreciate that [Suffolk is] so dedicated in undergrad [institution] didn't have as vocal or visible a presence.”

“[What has made the biggest impression on me is] that Suffolk actually cares enough to make the effort. It's inspiring and I hope it encourages others.”

“It's very easy to recycle so I have realized there is no reason not to.”

“I'm glad to see the campus is taking steps to be environmentally friendly. Glad to see there is a sustainability coordinator.”

More Information

The Suffolk University Sustainability Committee will take the survey results into consideration as it generates the annual Campus Sustainability Plan.