Stephanie Lawson joins Suffolk University as an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing. Lawson earned her PhD in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing at Florida State University (FSU).

Her areas of expertise include collaborative consumption, co-production, services, and sustainability. She evaluates businesses like Netflix and Zipcar to see how decision processes change when a product is shared or borrowed. Younger people, particularly generation X and younger, seem to be the most interested in this type of consumption, she said.

Sawyer Business School, situated in the heart of downtown Boston, is the ideal place to study emerging trends in consumption, Lawson said. In fact, Boston is among the first cities to promote collaborative consumption as a sustainable alternative to ownership. This past summer, the city launched a bike sharing system called New Balance Hubway.

Lawson will incorporate elements of her research into the classroom. This fall, she is teaching Consumer Behavior at the undergraduate and undergraduate honors levels. The course examines consumption theories related to how people buy, use, and dispose of products. In the process, students become more critical consumers. “The more you know how marketing works, the better choices you’ll be able to make,” Lawson said.

Earlier this year, Lawson’s excellence in teaching was recognized with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at FSU. Nominated by faculty, staff, and students, Lawson was one of six award recipients. Her commitment to teaching stems from her experiences as a student. “I had great teachers,” Lawson said, adding, “I loved going to school.”

Lawson is enthusiastic about her new position at Sawyer Business School. “What better place to be than around people who have their whole future ahead of them?”