Two members of the Theatre Department are involved in an exciting experiment with Underground Railway Theater and MIT’s science theater initiative, the Catalyst Collaborative@MIT. Assistant Professor Melinda Lopez’s new play From Orchids to Octopi: an evolutionary love story premiered March 31 at the Central Square Theater, featuring Associate Professor Wesley Savick as the iconic Charles Darwin.

Originally commissioned by the National Institute of Health, the play celebrates the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking work On the Origin of the Species.

The story centers on Emma, a muralist who is working on an evolution inspired piece when she discovers she is expecting her first child. Her project research takes on a new, personal dimension in this charming comedy about how we (mis)understand the theory of evolution.

The Boston Globe calls the production “funny, poignant, instructive, emotionally rich, and intellectually inspiring……a remarkable demonstration of the strength that art and science can find when they work together to enlighten our minds and touch our souls.”

From Orchids to Octopi runs through May 2. For more information about this production or to purchase tickets, visit the Central Square Theater’s website.