Springboard, a juried exhibition of work from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, features the work of three spring 2009 graduates.

Sam Spano was the winner of the 2009 Fine Arts Juror’s Award. He works in acrylic and ink on paper, sometimes incorporating beads into the work. The beads he uses to create impressions and paint containers stained with the brilliant hues used in his work also are on display.

Bonnie Birge employs thread and fabric to create works whose theme is correspondence -- "a communication that involves an exchange between repeating shapes that represent a string of thoughts. These thoughts expand over the pieces of cloth as questions, statements, and realizations that happen over and over again.

"Thoughts overlap, get sewed over, and open up to let the light shine through. These thoughts are in the shape of circles or ovals, which form a never-ending, an always-continuous line. Just like the thoughts are never ending and always repeating, even the stitches repeat to make the shapes. What I am trying to convey is how my questions, thoughts, feelings and realizations correspond with one another," wrote Birge in her artist's statement.

Juan Berrios' works in acrylic on mylar are hung so that images -- including iconic portraits -- overlap with one another in an intriguing display.

The exhibit is at the Adams Gallery from May 18 through August 2, 2009.

Photos: Molly Ferguson, Imaginatas Photography, 2009