Temple Street, Suffolk’s student-run TV show, has just wrapped up its fourth season. The show is the product of a semester-long advanced broadcast journalism/production course in which journalism and media students experience all aspects of television production, including researching news items, writing stories, videotaping, and editing segments.

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber and Media Lab Director Jason Carter, students learn to merge practical skills with creativity.

"I’ve learned how to put together an entire news show, from start to finish, and I have results to show for it when I enter the working world," says student Peter Marsh. "The skills I’ve gained are not only technical; I’ve also developed my own style."

Each episode of Temple Street consists of a Spotlight on Suffolk, a news item, an interview, and an entertainment segment. Recent stories cover the Body Worlds II exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science, Suffolk’s history and centennial celebration, the study abroad program, and off-campus student life in local neighborhoods. Recent interviews include Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence and Boston Globe contributor James Carroll, former Israeli colonel Miri Eisen, and professor Lisa Shatz on her experience as prime-time televised reality show participant.

Temple Street airs Wednesdays at 2:00 pm on Boston Neighborhood Network.

--written by Elizabeth Loranth, '06